It’s: Pleat på Drottninggatan. Serverar färdiga sallader att avnjuta på plats eller take away.

Var det gott? Ja det var supergott. Jag och min kompis Carin hade fått nys om deras gulliga instagramkonto men inte fattat vad det var för ställe för ens igår – på min födelsedag – då vi stannade utanför HM’s stora butik på Drottninggatan och insåg att matstället har flyttat upp på deras övervåning. Man väljer bland massor av färdiga sallader a la Voltaire style på maten. Liten sallad för 35 kr och stor för 85 kr. Kirrade en fräsch smoothie för 35 kr också. Och en matcha latte på det som inte var lika god som allt det andra. Tror detta är ett försök till att dra folk till butikerna, för man måste praktiskt taget gå in i butiken för att ta sig till restaurangen.

Its a new concept that HM released in November last year. It’s: Pleat, located in one of the HM store on Drottninggatan. I ordered (everything is prepared in advanced) a vegan salad with quinoa and hummus in different colors. It was good and pretty cheap. Or medium prized. The new way of getting people in to the store and actually make it easier to eat and purchase at the same time, kind of. Nothing more special than that.

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2018 IS ON!

It’s a new year! A fresh beginning and perfect start for new good habits and wishes to come true! I have considered my new new year resolutions. They are as following:

Do more of what you really like and get energy from
Take care of relationships
Learn more to gain skills and confident (and power?) Yes!

Specifically: don’t put time on Instagram and TV. But spending more time on online courses, non-fiction books, yoga&meditation and gym sessions. Meet friends and family as often I possible can. Work with my art @r.art.collection . A big passion I always have is to travel to new places I never visited before. I have some new destinations already planned. What’s your plans?

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Welcome to winter wonderland! I love the beauty in the snowy forest, the magic snowflakes clothing the trees. And the days in the slope has been fantastic! You really feel your body after a few days carving and jumping. And a little stretching in the snow can do really good. And for a longer session on the mat when home 🙂

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I am having a wonderful xmas together with family and friends. Celebration in Stockholm and then off to Dalarna. Skiing and a lot of xmas relaxation. It has been snowing the hole day and the winter wonderland is for real!

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Should I buy stuff my family members maybe like but not really need? Or should I pay a fortune for something they really would appreciate but not my wallet? Should I stress myself to death to manage work, projects, studies, food planning, yoga and shopping because of? Traditions? Perfection? I don’t see the point of making a cozy christian tradition into a shopaholic-nervous-wreck- week. Do you? I might only say Merry Xmas everyone and a Namaste year! And that’s it!

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Açaí bowl bonanza! This little bowl made my stomach full for hours! Together with the badass turmeric latte on cashews. So. Full. Of. Calories. This wonderful breakfast at the Matapoteket at Bondegatan. With my vegan friendly friend Carin! So Christmas cozy!

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Okey so this is a really nice asian food restaurant in Stockholm City! Tasty soups and noodles with fresh vegetables and tofu for choice. Pricey though! But recommend a lunch visit!

So actually. I did this soup at home tonight and it was even more tastier! Put lime, peanut butter and tamari soy and a lot of veggies and tofu! So good! I promise to put the recipe on the blog next time! X

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